How to apply to become an ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellow

Privacy statement

Information about you: how we use it and with whom we share it

The information you provide will be used by the FAIR Data Stewardship project (a collaborative project between the University of Bradford, Cardiff University, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford, Earlham Institute and ELIXIR-UK – hereafter referred to as the Node) to:

  • Administer your Fellowship with the Node, including your participation in the selection process.
    • This includes sharing some of your information with external reviewers, including your name, institution, career stage, discipline, and materials you have provided in your application.
    • We do not share other demographic information or contact details.
  • Enable you to submit expense claim requests related to our Fellowship Programme.
    • This includes your name, contact details and banking details.
  • If selected to receive a Fellowship:
    • Enable you to submit and keep you informed on the progress of requests made in conjunction with your Fellowship.
    • Create pages on our websites showcasing your work as a Fellow of the Node.
    • Review your progress as a Fellow in your inaugural year.
    • Keep you informed about Institute activities and events related to your Fellowship.
  • Report aggregated demographic information on the Fellowship programme to our funders, Advisory Board and publicly via our website.

The Node will use external companies to process some information about you on the Institute’s behalf. For example, we use Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Drive to collect and manage your application data; Google Drive to store your application video and document and share it with reviewers; and Mailchimp for email communication. Through its constituent University partners, the Node remains responsible for the information and will ensure it is kept securely. All data relating to expense claims is stored and managed on systems operated by the University of Bradford and is not shared with any external companies.

We are using information about you because it is necessary to perform a contract, namely allowing you to participate in the Fellowship programme and receive funding (including the case where you have been awarded funding in connection with a Fellows activity or event).

If unsuccessful, we will hold the personal data you provided for one year after your application. If you are successful and awarded a Fellowship, we will hold the personal information you provided for one year after you choose to withdraw from the Fellowship programme or one year after the closure of the Institute. Exceptions to this are:

  • We must keep your expense claims for longer (seven years) to comply with legislation [1970 c.9, 1980 c.58].
  • Information about funding requests you have submitted will be kept until one year after the closure of the Institute.
  • Blog posts and web pages you provide as part of your Fellowship will be published under a CC-BY license and archived indefinitely. 

For more details, read the comprehensive ELIXIR-UK privacy policy.

To view and update the information we have about you, get in touch with the Fellowship management team at [email protected]

If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]