BioFAIR: A new support infrastructure for life science data management in the UK

Do you produce, use or handle life science data in a research institute? As the amount of data produced in bioscience is growing rapidly, would it be beneficial if a data sustainability initiative is set up to support the UK research community, to be funded across UKRI?

To address this need, ELIXIR-UK is currently running a feasibility study for a new initiative for life science data management and bioinformatics, BioFAIR. Our aim is to provide the support, training and infrastructure the community requires in order to continue producing world class research, and to promote open and transparent data management practices.

BioFAIR Survey

As part of our feasibility study we wanted to hear from the life science community about how they work with data, and what they view as important areas requiring support. The survey asked about the current resources, skills and platforms that the community uses, and the gaps where BioFAIR can provide solutions.

Thank you to all those who took part in the survey. We are now collating your views to inform our next steps with this project.