Current Activities

ELIXIR-UK is a partner in many ELIXIR projects, and UK specific work in data management, training and other areas of computational biology. 

ELIXIR-UK is currently running a feasibility study for a new virtual institute for life science data management and bioinformatics, BioFAIR. Our aim is to provide the support, training and infrastructure the community requires in order to continue producing world class research, and to promote open and transparent data management practices.

This page shows all the projects that ELIXIR-UK are involved with which fit under the area of computational workflows.

This page introduces all of the projects, services and resources in FAIR data management which ELIXIR-UK is involved in. 


This project is funded by UKRI and led by the University of Bradford. This project will produce and deliver core training in data stewardship, as well as developing a Training Fellowship Programme with input from the Software Sustainability Insitute.

ELIXIR-UK plays a significant role in the training landscape – not just at home in the UK, but across the whole of the European ELIXIR project. We co-lead on the ELIXIR training platform and support the development of training to address key skills gaps amongst UK scientists.

Visit our COVID-19 page to read about how the work of ELIXIR-UK members has been helping provide important resources for researchers working on COVID-19.