ELIXIR Communities

ELIXIR Communities bring together experts across Europe to develop standards, services and training within specific life science domains. The Communities also provide feedback on the Platform services, which helps ensure these services are practical and useful.

You can visit the ELIXIR Hub website to see the full list of ELIXIR communities. Below are the communities which ELIXIR-UK plays an active role in:

Helps to understand the structure of macromolecules like proteins and DNA. ELIXIR-UK’s Christine Orengo from UCL is on the leadership committee of this community.

The community aims to make it easier to import data into Galaxy instances, help develop and share Galaxy tools and workflows, and to increase the provision of Galaxy training. Nicola Soranzo from the Earlham Institute is one of the leads of this community.

Develops standards, tools and resources to help identify and characterise IDPs. Members of ELIXIR-UK from the University of Bradford are active in this community.

Provides the resources, analysis tools and infrastructure to help metabolite identification. Members from ELIXIR-UK organisation University of Birmingham are active in this community.

Helps the development of tailor-made microbes and biological systems. ELIXIR-UK member Anil Wipat from Newcastle University is part of the leadership team.

Aims to facilitate genotype-phenotype analysis for crop and tree species. ELIXIR-UK is involved in the work of this community, in particular in annotating and submitting exemplar datasets to relevant public archives. ELIXIR-UK members from the University of Manchester are active in this community.