ELIXIR UK: Our support in the fight against COVID-19

FAIRDOMHub hosts the outputs of the Disease Map Consortium resource, a repository of known molecular host-pathogen interactions specific to SARS-CoV2.

This database contains curated information on SARS-CoV-2 targets and captures some of the pharmacological strategies being investigated to mitigate against COVID-19. New ligands are being posted to a pre-release blog.

The FAIRSharing COVID-19 collection collates standards and databases relevant to COVID-19 including clinical trials, virology studies, public health and patient registries.

A COVID-19-specific instance for EOSC-Life‘s WorkflowHub.

Bioschemas aims to improve the Findability of data in the life sciences. It does this by encouraging people in the life sciences to use Schema.org markup in their websites so that they are indexable by search engines and other services.  

InterMine integrates biological data sources, making it easy to query and analyse data.  It’s a software system that you can install on your own servers to make data available on the web.There are many different InterMines worldwide, covering a broad range of model organisms and life science research areas – one of these being CovidMine

KnetMiner, with a silent “K” and standing for Knowledge Network Miner, is a web-app that makes biological knowledge discovery faster and fun. It helps scientists to search across large biological databases and literature to find links between genes, traits, diseases and many other information types.

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RDA Releases 5th Final Draft of COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations:

The Global Research Data Alliance community response to the global COVID-19 pandemic Data drives rapid response and informed decision making during public health emergencies. There is a need for timely and accurate collection, reporting and sharing of data with the research community, public health practitioners, clinicians and policy makers. Accurate and rapid availability of data will inform assessment of the severity, spread and impact of a pandemic to implement efficient and effective response strategies.

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OASPA posted an announcement about the launch of a new initiative which sees scholarly publishers working together to maximize the efficiency of peer review, ensuring that key work related to COVID-19 is reviewed and published as quickly and openly as possible.

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KnetMiner: COVID-19

A group of researchers based at Rothamsted have responded to a request from the White House, Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg and others to find a way to rapidly sift through the mountain of COVID-19 scientific data.

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Earlham institute is offering Cloud resource to help in the fight against COVID-19 via Cyverse-UK

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Jalview has seen a trebling in interactions since the beginning of March.

Comparable figures: approx 30,000 in April 2019 and approx 90,000 in April 2020

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