Services wishing to become part of ELIXIR-UK

ELIXIR is a Europe-wide infrastructure for Life Science data. It operates through a set of national Nodes coordinated by a Hub located at Hinxton.  ELIXIR services are primarily contributed by the Nodes. Services are associated with one or more of the  ELIXIR Platforms (Training, Compute, Data, Interoperability, Tools) and typically serve one or more of the ELIXIR Communities.

Node services are expected to be financially sustainable, aligned to the objectives of ELIXIR and of high international impact. In 2019 ELIXIR has 15 Node service. Node services then may qualify for further status levels.

Key service collections are Node services that are of additional status selected by external review:

  • Core Data Resource (CDR) and (ELIXIR Deposition Database) by the Data Platform. The UK Node provides 1 CDR (CATH)
  • Recommended Interoperability Resource by the Interoperability Platform. The UK node provides 3 RIRs (ISATools, FAIRsharing, Intermine)
  • The Training and Tools Platforms confer key service status to registry and portals services. The UK Node provides the TeSS training portal.

Infrastructure services are Node services deemed essential and inherent to the running of ELIXIR services. Currently only the AAI Node service holds this status.

Although Node service status does not confer any additional funding it does indicate the value placed on the service by ELIXIR. Those offering Node services are eligible to apply for Hub funding for implementation studies and travel and apply for Node funding for participation in ELIXIR. However, the most significant benefit is the raised profile within ELIXIR’s communities and platforms. 

In order to assess potential Node Services, candidate services are asked to complete the following template with the relevant information in as many areas as possible. Each of the seven main areas in the template corresponds to an aspect of the assessment process, although it is not essential that all be completed. The panel will be assessing services based on their alignment and complementary to ELIXIR themes, their impact and level of usage, and their sustainable nature based on past record and future plans. It is expected that up to ten resources will be put forward as new UK Node Services.

**Please note that in order for a Service to be considered it must be associated with an ELIXIR-UK Member Organisation (click here to see the Member page)

The process for selecting ELIXIR-UK Services can be read here.

The latest Call for Services ended on Thursday 12th September, the next round will be in early 2020.

If you would like any further information or if you have any queries please get in touch at