FAIR Data Stewardship Training Project

This project is funded by UKRI and led by the University of Bradford, and will produce and deliver core training in FAIR data stewardship using ELIXIR-UK knowledge and resources. ELIXIR-UK already plays a significant role in the training landscape – not just at home in the UK, but across the whole of the European ELIXIR project. We co-lead on the ELIXIR training platform and support the development of training to address key skills gaps amongst UK scientists. This new project will enable us to develop our training provision further and address the need for community and skills development in data management across the UK.

As part of this, ELIXIR-UK has partnered with the Software Sustainability Institute to build a Fellowship Programme to support and fund Data Stewards to train researchers in how to manage and share data in the life sciences.

If you would like us to inform you when our fellowship programme launches, please fill out this form.

We are currently hiring for this project. Find the job adverts and apply below:

Data Stewardship – Trainer and Course Developer

Data Stewardship Community Manager

ELIXIR resources being used in this project

These are projects and resources which already exist within ELIXIR, and give us a large resource base on which to build this project.

The ELIXIR Research Data Management Kit (RDMKit) has been designed to guide life scientists in their efforts to better manage their research data. ELIXIR-UK is a leading contributor to the kit. 

The FAIR Cookbook is a project aiming at collating protocols for making data FAIR and provide examples of IMI dataset FAIRification.

TeSS is ELIXIR’s training platform, providing a one-stop shop for trainers and trainees to discover online information and content, including training materials, events and interactive tutorials.

The Training Metrics Database aims to streamline the data collection, storage and visualisation to provide evidence of the quality and impact of the ELIXIR Training Platform (TeSS).

People working in this project

Krzysztof Poterlowciz

Principal Investigator, Training Lead

University of Bradford

Robert Andrews

Data Management Lead

University of Cardiff

Shoaib Sufi

Fellowship Advisor

University of Manchester / Software Sustainability Institute

Carole Goble

Joint Head of Node for ELIXIR-UK

University of Manchester

Neil Hall

Joint Head of Node for ELIXIR-UK

Earlham Institute

Susanna-Assunta Sansone

FAIR lead

University of Oxford

Catherine Hunter

Project Management support

Earlham Institute / ELIXIR-UK

Hannah Norman

Communication support

Earlham Institute / ELIXIR-UK

Relevant events

Below are upcoming events in areas which are relevant to this project. In particular this includes events in FAIR and Data Management

Responsible Open Science – Workshop on the fundamentals of Research Data Management for Social Scientists


14th and 17th June 2021, Online

Best practices in research data management and stewardship

ELIXIR Luxembourg

14th June 2021, Online

Introduction to FAIR Data Stewardship

Dutch Techcentre For Life Sciences

Courses held between 8th September and 3rd November 2021, Online or at Hogeschool Leiden



This project is funded by UKRI Innovation Scholars: Data Science Training in Health and Bioscience call (MR/V038966/1)