This project is funded by UKRI and led by the University of Bradford, along with a delivery team at Cardiff University, the Earlham Institute, the University of Manchester and the University of Oxford. This project will produce and deliver core training in FAIR data stewardship using ELIXIR-UK knowledge and resources. This project was funded as part of the UKRI Innovation Scholars: Data Science Training in Health and Bioscience call (DaSH).

The FAIR Data Stewardship Training Project aims to work towards capacity building and the professionalisation of data stewardship in UK universities and research institutes. This role is often under-represented in these organisations, and it can be challenging for those interested in working in this area to develop a clear career path outside of the researcher framework. As life sciences research produces more large, complex data sets, the importance of data stewardship is becoming clear, and without investment from funders and a change in attitude, the UK will not have the skills it needs to continue producing world class science.

This project aims to provide the basis for data stewardship professionalisation through several different strands:

Professional training 

Firstly, this project will produce training resources in the form of short training videos (DM Bites) on a wide range of RDM (research data management) topics. Alongside this we will also develop training around a core RDM curriculum, which can be delivered in-house and through virtual training, catering for researchers working in the Life Sciences. 

Both of these training resources will be based around a core curriculum of RDM topics decided using ELIXIR resources and with input from the ELIXIR-UK Data Management Working Group.

This training will be developed using ELIXIR resources including the RDMkit and the FAIR cookbook. Alongside this, the project will use expert advisors from ELIXIR-UK and our wider UK network to provide the expertise and knowledge to develop excellent diverse data stewardship training.

This RDM training will be developed and delivered by two professional trainers funded full time by this project.

FAIR Data Stewardship Training Fellowship

ELIXIR-UK has partnered with the Software Sustainability Institute to build a Fellowship Programme to support and fund Data Stewards to train researchers in how to manage and share data in the life sciences. 

We look to recruit a total cohort of 20 Data Stewards in the life sciences through 2 rounds of applications through 2021-2022. Each Fellow will receive a £3,000 honorarium, subject to tax, to support activities focused on writing and delivering training material in the arena of data management to a target audience of individuals working in the life sciences. This Fellowship aims to recruit applicants who work with data day-to-day, to build a community of Data Stewards with practical experience of contemporary life science data management in the UK.  

Read more about our Fellowship programme here

Project Sustainability

As part of this UKRI grant we will investigate ways to sustain our training and the Fellowship scheme beyond the time scale of this grant (two years). This includes looking at ways to make data stewardship support and careers a sustainable and professional part of the life sciences, and also means investigating ways to continue our Fellowship and training work beyond the reach of this project.


ELIXIR-UK already plays a significant role in the training landscape – not just at home in the UK, but across the whole of the European ELIXIR project. ELIXIR-UK has a training working group with members from across our 20 organisations who have input into the work we do around training. We also co-lead on the ELIXIR training platform, which provides an important resource for training events and materials across the whole of ELIXIR.

Alongside our training expertise, ELIXIR-UK members also have experience and knowledge of RDM. ELIXIR-UK members co-lead the RDMkit, which was developed as part of ELIXIR CONVERGE to provide a RDM resource for life science researchers. We also have a Data Management working group, whose members have been highly involved in developing the core training curriculum for this project.

ELIXIR-UK also has a vast array of expertise from our members across the UK, who work in areas such as RDM, FAIR data and more. We are able to tap into this resource to ensure that the training we develop is comprehensive and cutting edge, and will equip those working in life sciences with the skills they need to future proof their data intensive work.

This new project will enable us to develop our training provision further and address the need for community and skills development in data management across the UK.

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ELIXIR resources being used in this project

These are projects and resources which already exist within ELIXIR, and give us a large resource base on which to build this project.

The Training Metrics Database aims to streamline the data collection, storage and visualisation to provide evidence of the quality and impact of the ELIXIR Training Platform (TeSS).

TeSS is ELIXIR’s training platform, providing a one-stop shop for trainers and trainees to discover online information and content, including training materials, events and interactive tutorials.

The FAIR Cookbook is an online resource with recipes that help you to make and keep data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). Developed by several ELIXIR Node members and major pharma, the ELIXIR-UK is a leading contributor to the FAIR Cookbook.

FAIRsharing is a curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies.

The ELIXIR Research Data Management Kit (RDMKit) has been designed to guide life scientists in their efforts to better manage their research data. ELIXIR-UK is a leading contributor to the kit. 

People working in this project

Krzysztof Poterlowciz

Principal Investigator, Training Lead

University of Bradford

Robert Andrews

Data Management Lead

Cardiff University

Branka Franicevic


University of Bradford

Sara Morsy


University of Bradford

Shoaib Sufi

Fellowship Advisor

University of Manchester / Software Sustainability Institute

Carole Goble

Joint Head of Node for ELIXIR-UK

University of Manchester

Neil Hall

Joint Head of Node for ELIXIR-UK

Earlham Institute

Susanna-Assunta Sansone

FAIR lead

University of Oxford

Catherine Hunter

Project Management support

Earlham Institute / ELIXIR-UK

Hannah Norman

Communication support

Earlham Institute / ELIXIR-UK


You can find relevant upcoming RDM training and events on our ELIXIR-UK events page.


This project is funded by UKRI Innovation Scholars: Data Science Training in Health and Bioscience call (MR/V038966/1)