Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry is an off-shoot of Software Carpentry, and is designed to teach basic concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data.Teaching is done primarily in a form of intensive two-day workshops and cover topics such as effective use of spreadsheet programs, their limitations, the use of R or Python for more powerful data analysis tools, how best to use databases such as managing and querying data in SQL, workflows and the automation of repetitive tasks. 


Environmental Omics Synthesis

Environmental Omics Synthesis (EOS) Centre helps to unify and support the wide range of current investments in ‘omics and provide strategic oversight at the community level. EOS has been engaged in the following activities such as: governance of the Omics TAP (bioinformatics fellowships) – developing Announcement of Opportunity; Discipline Hopping Scheme and STFC Global Challenges Network to build Links with NERC. 

Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry is an international collaboration to teach researchers software development skills to help them do more, in less time and with less pain. Software Carpentry training courses, or boot camps, are highly-interactive two-day workshop which gives researchers training in essential software development skills for research. Rather than adopt a position of saying that these skills are good because software developers say they are, Software Carpentry teaches these skills in the context of how they contribute to correct, reproducible and reusable research. 

Software Sustainability Institute

The Software Sustainability Institute is a national facility for cultivating world-class research through software.

Software helps researchers to enhance their research, and improve the speed and accuracy of their results. The Software Sustainability Institute can help you introduce software into your research or improve the software you already use.

The Institute is based at the Universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and Southampton, and draws on a team of experts with a breadth of experience in software development, project and programme management, research facilitation, publicity and community engagement.