Call for ELIXIR-UK Services now open

The 2021 call for new ELIXIR-UK services is now open. Visit this webpage to find out more and to access the Expression of Interest.

Deadline to apply: 30 July 2021.

The ELIXIR-UK services span four of the five ELIXIR platforms: Training, Interoperability and Standards, Data and Tools. Becoming an ELIXIR-UK service indicates the value the service has to the community, makes the service eligible for Hub funding, and raises the profile of the service in the ELIXIR community.

We are proud to have an open and transparent process for selecting new services based on a set of criteria designed to ensure high service quality and match UK priorities as identified by our funders.

We currently have 20 ELIXIR-UK services and six roadmapped services, which have been carefully selected to align with the ELIXIR platforms. These services have benefited from being part of the ELIXIR community in a number of ways, as Robert Andrews from the University of Cardiff explains ‘ELIXIR-UK has enabled us to apply for funds to curate lipid structures and pathways in partnership with other ELIXIR data resources in mainland Europe.’

If this sounds like something you or your colleagues would be interested in, you can read more and fill out an Expression of Interest today.

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