ELIXIR-UK Node Services

The UK Node represents UK strengths in bioinformatics within ELIXIR and provides a route for UK bioinformatics resources to participate in ELIXIR. The Node’s activities and services span the ELIXIR Platforms for training, interoperability and standards, tools and data.

ELIXIR-UK offers services to the rest of ELIXIR members, which come from two streams:

  • an annual, open and transparent process to conform to a set of criteria designed to ensure high service quality and match UK priorities as identified by its funders
  • project commitments made to ELIXIR, notably ELIXIR-EXCELERATE

ELIXIR-UK contributes to four of the five ELIXIR platforms: Training, Interoperability and Standards, Data and Tools. The UK services also reflect and link to the strategic themes of ELIXIR, its Technical Platforms and its Scientific Communities, as well as engaging with a number of key international initiatives and national and international organisations.

If you have a service that could help the life sciences community deal with current data challenges it faces and would like to submit an Expression of Interest please click here.

ELIXIR-UK Node Services:


ELIXIR-UK co-leads ELIXIR’s Training Platform. The TeSS Training Portal is ELIXIR’s training materials aggregator to provide coherent access to pre-existing training materials, resources, activities and events, including links to training-relevant catalogues within and around the ELIXIR network. The Nodes other services for training are three centres:

Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre
Bioinformatics Training Programme
Edinburgh Genomics Training

Interoperability and standards

ELIXIR-UK co-leads ELIXIR’s Interoperability platform and it offers the below services to ELIXIR:

ISA Tools & Commons

Data and Tools

The ELIXIR-UK data and tools services have thematic focuses on protein structure and function, expression atlases, human health and disease, and cultivated plants and farmed animals.

Biomedical Atlas Centre
CATH-Gene 3D
DRASP: Dundee Resource for Sequence Analysis and Structure Prediction
ENSEMBL Farmed and Domestic Animals
GWAS Central
IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology
Pathogen Host Interactions Database

ELIXIR-UK Roadmapped Services:

The below services have been assessed as not yet ready for full service status but it are suitable to be roadmapped for future inclusion:

Ionomics Hub