Recording training

Recording Training

If you run training associated with ELIXIR-UK it is important to record it with ELIXIR. This allows us to show the breadth and number of training courses run in the UK and highlights the importance of ELIXIR-UK. This gives you the recognition you deserve as a trainer and increases the influence of ELIXIR-UK within the wider ELIXIR network.


The most important way that ELIXIR monitors and records training is via  TeSS. This is ELIXIR’s training portal and provides a platform where trainers and trainees can discover online information and content, including training materials, events and interactive tutorials.

TeSS allows trainers to promote training events and share resources, and to contribute to a growing catalogue of materials. For trainees, TeSS provides details of relevant training events and gives access to resources including training materials and workflows. Users can subscribe to receive relevant updates of events and resources as they appear in TeSS.

TeSS can automatically check training and events pages of our member organisations and add relevant training to its system. If this currently does not happen at your member organisation then please get in touch with us on [email protected] to find out how this can be set up.

The ELIXIR Intranet

Training courses that you have run can be added from TeSS onto your profile via the ELIXIR Intranet. To update your profile to include training courses you have run, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the ELIXIR intranet and on the left-hand panel select ‘My Profile’.
  • Click on the edit tab and scroll down to the section entitled ‘For ELIXIR Trainers’.
  • Click ‘add new course’ and search using the course title, key words, or location to find the course in TeSS and add it to your profile. If you have allowed your profile to be public then these courses will appear when others search for you.

Training Metrics Database

If you are involved in running an ELIXIR-UK event, it is important that Quality and Impact data is properly captured using the appropriate set of metrics and included in ELIXIR-wide training analyses. Collected data should be recorded into the Training Metrics Database. The metrics to collect include event contextual information, demographics, quality and impact.

Please get in touch with your Node’s Training Coordinator to ensure that the data are properly collected. In the UK the Training Coordinator is Krzysztof Poterlowicz from the University of Bradford.

Please email [email protected] to find out more information on how to properly collect quality and impactful data.