Response to Brexit

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place on 23rd June 2016. The majority of votes cast were in favour of the UK leaving the EU (“Brexit”).

Considerable scientific research and infrastructure funding in the UK is provided in the context of the UK’s membership of the EU. Thus, there is potential for significant impact on funding for these activities in the UK post-Brexit (and indeed even pre-Brexit, as non-UK partners potentially avoid partnering with the UK given the uncertainty around Brexit.

ELIXIR-UK participates in UK Government consultations on the potential impact of Brexit on UK scientific infrastructure in general, and specifically on biological data. Given the the details of any Brexit deal are not yet specified, however, it is currently very challenging to build plans to address the wide range of different possible scenarios.

The UK House of Commons Library published a briefing paper (January 2018) on the topic of UK funding from the EU in the context of Brexit

ELIXIR as a whole released a short statement concerning its status following the Brexit vote, updated in March 2017.

You may also find it useful to read the Wellcome Trust’s recommendations for UK engagement in EU research programmes after Brexit.