Share heterogeneous data, find associations

FAIRDOM-SEEK is a sophisticated web-based cataloguing and commons platform to build “Thematic Hubs” for organising, managing and sharing the research outcomes of projects and collections of projects. It is explicitly designed as a Hybrid infrastructure to handle heterogeneous scientific research datasets, models and simulations, lab procedures, computational workflows, samples and all manner of research outcomes, stored in different and independent repositories yet preserving associations between them, along with information about the projects, people and organisations themselves. It enables projects to make their results FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). 

The FAIRDOM-SEEK platform is used by seven ELIXIR Nodes (UK, BE, DE, NO, NL, SI, FR) as well as many other organisations in the USA, South Africa, and Australia. Over 140+ independent project Hubs using the SEEK have been established including Leipzig Health Atlas, Liver Systems Medicine, CESGO research sharing platform, and IBISBAHub for the EU IBISBA Industrial Biotechnology Research Infrastructure.

The FAIRDOM-SEEK is managed by a FAIRDOM consortium of ELIXIR Nodes (UK, BE, DE, NO, NL) and Stellenbosch University, SA. ELIXIR Germany hosts the public Hub FAIRDOMHub.


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