InterMine is a software system that you can install on your own servers to make data available on the web. It integrates heterogeneous data sources, making it easy to query and analyse data.

InterMine is an ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource and a named resource of the ELIXIR-UK node.

InterMine impact

In contrast to the currently listed ELIXIR Services, the InterMine project’s impact is through providing infrastructure that allows other resources to present their data via web services and web interfaces. There are over thirty public installations based on InterMine around the world, and essentially all the major plant and animal model organism databases use it, as well as a growing number of non-model organism databases. These databases serve multiple diverse worldwide user communities numbering in the 10,000s. 

Recent work funded by WP1 of EOSC-Life has supported a collaboration with PomBase to create a corresponding InterMine instance, PombeMine, for the fission yeast community.

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