Bioschemas is ELIXIR’s approach to universal metadata markup to improve the Findability on the Web of life sciences resources such as datasets, software, and training materials. It does this by encouraging people in the life sciences to use markup in their websites so that they are indexable by search engines and other services. The structured information then makes it easier to discover, collate, and analyse distributed resources. Bioschemas was launched in 2015 and its Steering Council has since been led by the UK, with members from ELIXIR-Hub, FR, IT, DE, and the Scripps Institute in the  USA.

Example developments by ELIXIR-UK node include:

  • Work with the  IDP Community to harvest markup to populate a Knowledge Graph of IDPs, used in a prototype deployment of the IDPcentral registry and has been accepted for publication at SWAT4HCLS 2022. 
  • Work with FAIRsharing and the OpenAIRE consortium to demonstrate Bioschemas markup as a mechanism for populating the Research Knowledge Graph.
  • harvesting 0.5 million pages of markup from 25 sites using BMUSE. A notebook has been provided for querying and analysing the harvested data.
  • Development of the Computational Workflows profiles and their adoption in the EOSC-Life Workflow Collaboratory
  • Rolling out the adoption of Bioschemas across the training resource providers for harvesting by the TeSS

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