Help you discover resources to measure and improve FAIRness

FAIRassist is the new, under development, educational component of the well established FAIRsharing resource.

FAIRassist is being designed to offer personalised guidance to all stakeholders to discover standards and repositories in FAIRsharing, which should be used to make data FAIR, as well as signpost other resources that enable FAIRness.

FAIRassist is under development, and it will implement a phased rollout of its content, working with and for the community. As an initial step, we are collecting and describing existing resources for the assessment and/or evaluation of digital objects against the FAIR principles, which are aspirational. The focus is on manual questionnaires, checklists and automated tests that help users understand how to achieve a state of “FAIRness”, and how this can be measured and improved. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all groups, projects and organizations that tackle FAIRness or FAIRification.

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