Diane Hatziioanou

Diane Hatziioanou
Data Management Working Group, Fellows 2022-2023, Fellowship Programme
Senior Researcher - Epidemiologist


I am an advocate of holistic science and collaboration across disciplines. My cross-disciplinary interests often lead me to note difficulties in data and knowledge management and how misunderstandings in these areas, as well as around sampling, representation and version control, lead to challenges in collaboration. I am interested in promoting ways of working which allow people to understand how to wed the big picture to the details and combat barriers to cooperation and scientific advancement.

My work

I have worked in post-doctoral research combining various biological science disciplines such as microbiology, molecular biology, proteomics, NGS and bioinformatics. My interest in the practical implementation of science for the greater good led me to join Public Health England, where I have remained following the transition to the UK Health Security Agency. I have supported several teams during my time in UKHSA and now support epidemiology, infectious disease surveillance and cross-organisational data management work for infectious disease outbreaks and data acquisition and provisioning for the UKHSA Office for Data Release. Besides my day-to-day work as an advocate of collaboration and resilient practice, I joined the organisational group of volunteer Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response champions and routinely go out of my way to promote EPRR, collaboration and knowledge management across the organisation. My contributions led me to receive a UKHSA celebrating success award in March 2022 for my contributions during the COVID19 pandemic.