Katarzyna Kamieniecka

Katarzyna Kamieniecka
Fellows 2021-2022, Fellowship Programme
Senior Computational Biologist and PhD Candidate
University of Bradford/CRUK


Developing and Providing workshops to introduce “FAIR” principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) in computational tools, pipelines and case studies to demonstrate how they can be used to help promote reproducibility when performing bioinformatic analyses.

My work

I am a PhD candidate at the Computational and Data-Driven Science cluster, University of Bradford, focusing on computational methods for biomarkers identification in skin disorders. Determining genetic and non-genetic factors in disease aetiology is one of the principal challenges in clinical and biomedical research. Working with genomics data demands some knowledge of computer languages used to write genomics libraries and packages. To address this I got involved in the national and international focus groups (Elixir, The Carpentries, Galaxy Training Network, nf-core, Northern BUG) with the aim to develop and provide bioinformatics and medical informatics training for clinical fellows and research staff. I am also a Senior Computational Biologist at Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute Cancer Biomarker Centre developing novel methods and pipelines for a better understanding of genomic alterations in cancer. My current work combines analyses of large cohorts of sequencing data derived from patient tumours and liquid biopsies to discover and validate cancer biomarkers that can be utilised for both clinical decision making and basic research. Consequently, my work has a strong focus on robustness and reproducibility.