Dr Korneel Hens

Dr Korneel Hens
Data Management Working Group, Fellows 2021-2022, Fellowship Programme
Senior Research Fellow
Oxford Brookes University


My expertise includes transcriptomics, genomics and gene regulatory networks. These are data intensive research areas that require profound knowledge about data management. I would like to develop data management courses for these types of data and train researchers (Masters, PhDs, post-docs and university staff) so that they can implement sound data management procedures in their research.

My work

I am a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. My research interests include the transcriptional regulation of homeostatic mechanisms. I am also part of the Centre for Functional Genomics, where we help researchers analyze high-throughput sequencing data and we organize courses in sequencing data analysis. I would like to use my expertise with high-throughput sequencing of genomes, transcriptomes and regulomes to develop data management courses in these fields.