Toryn Poolman

Toryn Poolman
Fellows 2022-2023, Fellowship Programme
Teaching Fellow


My interests are in using techniques to measure changes in all genes or proteins, using next-generation sequencing or mass spectrometry. In addition, I am particularly interested in all aspects of data science for education and research (mainly using the R programming language), using machine learning and other techniques to understand complex datasets.

My work

In 2020, I joined UCL as a Teaching fellow in the Structural and Molecular Biology department. My primary role is the module organiser for a 3rd year Research Project in Metagenomics. I also contribute to 1st-year modules, teaching data science and statistics. Between 2011-2020 I was a postdoc (with Professor David Ray) at the University of Manchester and the University of Oxford, working on glucocorticoids and circadian biology. Prior to that, I worked for the Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England). My previous research focused on understanding how glucocorticoids work and how they interact with our body clock. Glucocorticoids have powerful anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects, which are the template for synthetic steroids used to treat inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma; however, their use is hindered by severe side effects.