ELIXIR-UK and BioFAIR featuring at the Festival of Genomics 2024

At the 2024 Festival of Genomics in London, ELIXIR-UK’s two Joint Heads of Node, Carole Goble and Neil Hall, attended the event putting BioFAIR and the UK Node at the centre stage.

Neil and Carole showcased ELIXIR-UK’s commitment to supporting the research community in discovering, distributing, analysing, and storing biological data, exchanging expertise, and agreeing on standards. Their presentations revealed the relentless work of a community in diverse fields.

They highlighted the work in supporting knowledge management resources, FAIR services and registries, projects and services in data stewardship and training, tools, platforms and trusted repositories. More importantly, the presentation showcased the work across a diverse range of domains, notably genomics, human and health, biodiversity, agri-tech, structural bioinformatics and proteomics.

BioFAIR was also presented to the audience as a cornerstone project, where the trusted collaboration with funders is ensuring a successful project to build a data and computational method commons infrastructure for biological and biomedical sciences.

See slide deck on BioFAIR by Carole Goble

See slide deck on Promoting FAIR Data and Building Sustainable Data Infrastructure for Bioscience, by Neil Hall

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