What we do

Build and foster communities of practice

We run, co-lead and participate in communities of practice in the UK, the wider ELIXIR Europe and beyond.

Upskill the life sciences community

Through open and reusable materials, online and in-person events, train-the-trainer courses and tools to discover and index materials and events, upskilling lies at the core of our mission.

Professionalise data stewardship

We run a Fellowship programme of ambassadors across the UK embedding, delivering and creating ELIXIR-UK training and fostering a network of data stewards.

Endorse open-access services

We support services for the life sciences community, amplifying their reach and improving their opportunities for long-term sustainability.

Participate, lead and develop new projects

Our members lead and participate in national projects, ELIXIR-funded ones and European projects with partners across Europe and beyond.