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ELIXIR-UK is coordinated from the Earlham Institute in Norwich and led by its Head of Node (Prof. Carole Goble, University of Manchester).

To contact us you can send an email to contact@elixir-uk.org or use the form below

Your privacy is very important to us and we want to ensure that you know what information we collect from you, how it is stored and processed, so please read our privacy policy.

You can become part of the ELIXIR-UK community in two ways, one informal and one formal


ELIXIR-UK is developing an evolving communications engagement strategy. This currently consists of:

  • A monthly “All-Hands” teleconference to discuss matters of interest.
  • An ELIXIR-UK all-hands mailing list providing information relevant to the ELIXIR-UK community, including notifications to join the weekly teleconferences. To subscribe to the all-hands list contact (contact@elixir-uk.org)
  • Attendance at and sponsorship of significant conferences and workshops relevant to ELIXIR-UK’s goals.
  • Town meetings, either to present ELIXIR-UK to a local audience or to address a specific thematic community.
  • An annual All-Hands meetup, held in different venues across the UK.

All are welcome to join these activities


To become an ELIXIR UK member organisation involves signature of the ELIXIR-UK Node Consortium Agreement (NCA). This is only required if you provide a node-sponsored resource to ELIXIR and/or are part of an ELIXIR-funded project and/or expect to receive funding from ELIXIR. Signature of the NCA is at the institution level (i.e. University or Institute).

For a resource to become an ELIXIR-UK sponsored resource it needs to go through a process that evaluates the resource against a set of criteria. We aim to make this process as lightweight, open and transparent as possible, making use of an external panel of evaluators (for the 2016 assessment used the Scientific Development Group). We ran this process in 2016, resulting in the incorporation of the current 15 node resources as well as a smaller number who have joined our roadmap for membership. We hope to be able to repeat this process at regular intervals. 

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