Awarding recognition badges

ELIXIR-UK awards badges of recognition through “Canvas Badges”.  Check the instances in which we award badges of recognition in the “criteria” section.

Benefits of earning an ELIXIR-UK badge

Recognition and validation

  • Professional acknowledgement: Canvas badges serve as a formal recognition of your contributions and achievements within the ELIXIR-UK community.
  • Portfolio enhancement: display badges on professional profiles, resumes, and online portfolios to showcase your skills and involvement. A unique code can automatically add the badges to your LinkedIn profile. 

Career advancement

  • Increased visibility: stand out to potential employers or collaborators by demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning and community engagement.
  • Career growth: use badges as a stepping stone for career advancement within and outside the ELIXIR-UK network.

How the process works

  1. Documentation and submission*: Document your participation and achievements. This may include attendance records, completed courses, feedback forms, or other relevant documentation. 

* This step is only necessary if a member of the ELIXIR-UK Coordination Office has NOT overseen your work and discussed with you how your involvement is documented. 

  1. Review and verification. The ELIXIR-UK Coordination Office reserves its right to award the badges after considering the level of involvement and the criteria for each situation. 
  2. Badge awarding: after completing your activity and upon successful verification, you will be awarded the corresponding Canvas badge. The badge will be digitally issued and can be added to your professional profiles and portfolios.
  3. Showcase and share. Once awarded, you can display your badge on platforms like LinkedIn, ORCID, personal websites, and professional networks.

Criteria to award canvas badges

For ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellows

Have completed at least one activity of the ELIXIR-UK DaSH Project, including:

  • RDMbites
  • Courses
  • Training delivery
  • Other engagement activities, such as writing user stories and presenting the Fellowship work at national/international gatherings 

For ELIXIR-UK DaSH Mentors

  • Actively mentor at least one ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellow, providing guidance and support in completing activities.
  • Engage in regular feedback and progress review sessions with their mentees.

For ELIXIR-UK DaSH Collaborators

Have completed at least one activity of the ELIXIR-UK DaSH Project, including:

  • Write a FAIRytale, a short personal story on FAIR data stewardship practices or the role of a data steward.
  • Write an exemplary Data Management Plan and/or aid in developing Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) templates. 
  • Deliver data management training at national, regional or local level.