GBC selects 3 ELIXIR-UK services as key biodata resources

ELIXIR-UK is pleased to announce the inclusion of three UK Node services in the 2023 cohort of Global Core Biodata Resources. The recognition given to CATH, IUPHAR/BPS guide to pharmacology, LIPID MAPS®, further amplifies ELIXIR-UK members’ role in advancing life sciences and biomedical research globally, contributing to a vital network of essential biodata repositories.

  • CATH
  • IUPHAR/BPS guide to pharmacology

These three ELIXIR-UK services will now work with GBC to explore sustainable funding models, ensuring continual development and support for these critical services in the global research landscape.

The GBC’s selection process identifies pivotal biodata resources crucial for sustained scientific progress. These GCBRs serve as foundational deposition databases and knowledgebases, ensuring open access and preserving critical biological data indispensable for global research efforts. Recognising the jeopardy of discontinuation, ensuring ongoing support for these resources remains crucial for uninterrupted scientific pursuits.

These three ELIXIR-UK services were selected among 15 resources following a rigorous assessment by over 50 independent expert reviewers. This evaluation scrutinised scientific focus, user community reach, service quality, governance, and global research impact.

Determining the group of 52 Global Core Biodata Resources has taken three years and has been achieved with the support of a body of independent scientific reviewers around the world.  The participation of representatives of the Global Core Biodata resources themselves will be central to developing new approaches to the funding of biodata.

Guy Cochrane, Executive Director of the GBC

For further information and access to these resources, please visit GCBRs webpage.

To visit the official announcement from GBC, visit their news release

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