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ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource
About the Service

A curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards interrelated to databases and data policies. FAIRsharing guides consumers to discover, select and use these resources with confidence, and producers to make their resources more discoverable, more widely adopted and cited.

FAIRsharing is an ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource and an intrinsic registry of the EOSC and the ELIXIR RDM know-how ecosystem (linked to the RDMkit and FAIR Cookbook).

International standing and cross-domain relevance

FAIRsharing is already a resource of international standing and cross-domain relevance, which goes beyond the ELIXIR community. It is a de facto resource of EOSC, recommended by the Horizon Europe Programme among others; it is adopted by RDA, as well as by funders, publishers, libraries, and other organizations in the RDM and scholarly ecosystem. FAIRsharing is the major registry for datasets and standards for the EOSC-Life Digital Biology infrastructure and the basis of EOSC integration with openAIRE piloted within the EOSC-Enhance project.

Its content powers a growing number of FAIR-enabling systems, including DSW, DMP tools and FAIR evaluation services. A full list of activities and collaboration is available.

In EOSC-Life, FAIRsharing is the registry of resources across all ESFRIs in the Life Sciences.

In the new BY-COVID project, FAIRsharing will be a Data Discovery Service, via a collaboration with OpenAIRE, a key EOSC player.

FAIRsharing is also supported by the University of Oxford’s institutional Bodleian Libraries, which provides DOIs minting and access to ORCID API, where FAIRsharing is now a trusted organization. Recently, it has contributed to the COVID-19 Rapid Peer Review Initiative with major publishers and Wellcome’s RoRI to strengthen data policies of the journals and publishers and make results of COVID-19 articles available for scrutiny and reproducibility.


  • Has become a de facto service of the EOSC ecosystem, recommended by all EOSC reports
  • Is used by all stakeholders in the research data management and scholarly ecosystem

Is part of International Reproducibility Networks (RNs), via the UKRN.