ELIXIR-UK Alumni Teresa Attwood wins the 2021 ISCB Outstanding Contributions Award

Teresa Attwood has been awarded The 2021 Outstanding Contributions to ISCB Award. This award recognizes an ISCB member for outstanding service contributions toward the betterment of ISCB through exemplary leadership, education, and service.

Teresa Attwood is a Professor of Bioinformatics in the Department of Computer Science and School of Biological Sciences at the University of Manchester and was previously heavily involved in ELIXIR-UK. In particular, she led the development of TeSS, the ELIXIR training platform, which was developed by ELIXIR-UK and is now a core ELIXIR service and used to advertise and distribute training across the ELIXIR nodes.

Teresa was heavily involved in bioinformatics education from the beginning of its development. She co-authored one of the first teaching books on bioinformatics with Paul Higgs and has continued to be a champion for bioinformatics education.

A longstanding member of ISCB, Teresa has been involved in developing platforms, working groups and committees around bioinformatics education. She was also instrumental in launching GOBLET and making sure that it was linked to her work in ISCB.

The 2021 ISCB Outstanding Contributions Award recognises Teresa Attwood for her many years of significant contributions to ISCB and the broad bioinformatics and bio-curation communities.

Congratulations Terri!

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