Fostering collaboration at the second ELIXIR-UK Hackathon

Last week, we ran the second ELIXIR-UK Hackathon, which saw three days of collaboration on a range of ELIXIR-UK projects and services. Overall 18 people from over half of our member organisations attended the event.

The three days were busy and full of interesting discussions. We ran the event with a morning-only format, which worked well for people as all attendees had busy schedules, although some people decided to continue working together on the first afternoon which we were happy to facilitate!

We had several breakout rooms on different projects, but people were also able to jump around and discuss ideas and projects with other groups, which made for a lively and engaging event. We had projects focused around ISA-Intermine, Galaxy, Bioschemas, KnetMiner, TeSS, RO-Crate, CWL, WorkflowHub, Jalview and Research Data Management training. Some of these groups worked on specific projects, and some used the time to foster ideas and collaborations. These discussions led to new ideas for future projects which will hopefully result in more interesting work in the future.

Thank you so much to all those who participated in the event. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves and felt you developed some meaningful collaborations and contributions to your ongoing work. The event feedback was really positive: people felt that it was well organised, and one person commented that ‘my own colleagues have learnt about ELIXIR-UK platforms/node resources/projects, and the event has generated some potentially great new ideas for future collaboration’.

We plan to hold another hackathon in the future, and if you would be interested in attending, or learning more about upcoming ELIXIR-UK events in general, then please subscribe to our mailing list.

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