15 new Fellows to start training in data stewardship and management

15 Fellows are joining the fellowship of the ELIXIR-UK DaSH project to seed local data steward communities across the UK.  Fellows will work with ELIXIR-UK to produce and deliver training in Research Data Management (RDM) within their host Universities and Institutes.

The new ELIXIR-UK DaSH cohort has diverse responsibilities in their roles from early to senior career stages, including facility operators, researchers and core support bioinformaticians. In addition, they cover a broad spectrum of areas of expertise, including ecology, biomedicine, epidemiology and molecular biology.

During the Fellowship, they will create bites of content in the form of videos called RDMbites. These videos focus on relaying basic concepts or signposting larger pieces of work for a UK research audience. They will also develop training courses for online and face-to-face delivery at their local organisations with the help of ELIXIR-UK trainers and experts.

Together with the first cohort of Fellows selected in 2021, the fellowship covers 19 public organisations across the UK, including research institutes, universities and government agencies. As ambassadors, Fellows use their influence across all these institutions to embed RDM best practices through training activities.

They will kick start their activities with the ELIXIR Train the Trainer course, offering them the ground knowledge or refreshing pedagogic principles to begin building materials and content within the Fellowship.

All training materials developed within the project will follow the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principles. The Fellows will provide content open to the scientific community, from videos to training courses. While the project leverages the influence of the Fellows at their local institutions, the outputs are shared nationally and internationally for the benefit of the broader research community.

Location of the Fellows across the UK from the ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellowship Programme

Meet the Fellows

Phillip Crout profile picture
Knowledge Transfer Facilitator
MRC, University of Cambridge
Gabriela Lopez Gonzalez profile picture
[email protected] Coordinator and HyCRISTAL Project Manager
University of Leeds
Diane Hatziioanou profile picture
Senior Researcher - Epidemiologist
Sonal Henson profile picture
University of Nottingham
Nilam Khan profile picture
Research Fellow
Born in Bradford - NHS University of Bradford
Interests My research and training interests lie in a wide range of biological and biomedical sciences fields, from comparative genomics and evolutionary studies to neuroscience research and personalised medicine. I am interested in developing and delivering material in several aspects of bioinformatics and biological data management. My teaching philosophy is the generation of an opportunity to inspire and empower, comprised of a combination of course instruction and student mentorship. I’m aiming at fostering the acquisition of a base of concepts and learning skills to facilitate a person to engage in further learning and independent thinking. My work I am mainly focused on studying the molecular mechanism of neuropsychological disorders and brain tumours. I aim to investigate the molecular origins of diseases and develop novel methods for diagnosis and prognosis, such as designing more targeted treatment strategies. It involves methods originating from systems biology, NGS and “omics” technologies, large multi-dimensional data integration and interpretation, and clinical informatics. I am also the course leader of the MSc in Bioinformatics and the module leader of several modules at the MSc and BSc levels related to data analysis and data management. In my free time, I regularly organise and deliver bioinformatics and data analysis workshops at several Universities across the UK and other European countries profile picture
Lecturer in Biology (Bioinformatics)
Teeside University
Lijing Lin profile picture
Translational Research Bioinformatician
University of Manchester
Ciara Loughrey profile picture
PhD candidate
Hull York Medical School/University of York
Sandra Ng Profile picture
Data Scientist/Researcher
Queen Mary University of London
Richard Ostler profile picture
Rothamsted Research
Edward Parkinson profile picture
PhD candidate
Cardiff University
Adam Partridge profile picture
Open Research Training Lead
University of Sheffield
Toryn Poolman profile picture
Teaching Fellow
Manuel Lera Ramirez profile picture
Research Fellow - Biocurator
Krister Jazz Urog profile picture
Research Software Engineer
Earlham Institute

To know more about the Fellowship, its outputs and the 2021-2022 cohort, visit the Fellowship page.

The ELIXIR-UK DaSH project behind the Fellowship was funded as part of the UKRI Innovation Scholars: Data Science Training in Health and Bioscience call (DaSH). (MR/V038966/1)

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