ELIXIR-UK announces 4 new Services

Following the 2022 call for new services, we are pleased to announce four new ELIXIR-UK services. These were selected by our panel to ensure high service quality and match UK priorities as identified by its funders.

The successful services were: RDMkit [University of Manchester], Cafe Variome [University of Leicester], Missense 3D [Imperial College London] and Variant Validator [ University of Manchester].

We received several high-quality applications and are proud to be representing the best of the UK life science data resources. The successful services will now benefit from their status as ELIXIR-UK services and will be able to apply for funding from the ELIXIR Hub and beyond. 

We have also roadmapped three services, BRepertoire [Kings College London], Cyverse-UK [Earlham Institute] and Health Informatics Centre (HIC) [University of Dundee] which are well on their way to being infrastructure-ready.

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