A new research software skills course will be piloted

The University of Manchester and the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) are piloting a new course on intermediate research software skills for Earth, atmospheric and oceanic sciences at a workshop from 27 to 31 March 2023 at the University of Manchester.

The course is based on the SSI’s Intermediate Research Software Skill in Python course from the Carpentries Lesson Incubator.

The target audience are people who:

  • write code in research environments
  • have gained basic software development skills
  • are seeing their software projects now becoming larger and involving more researchers and other stakeholders
  • are noticing the software is becoming more complex and there are more users and an increasing need to add new functionality
  • now need more intermediate software engineering techniques and tools to develop manage and release their software for reuse by others

Luckily, this new course will cover all of the above!

The workshop will consist of instructor-led code-along sessions, individual self-learning sessions aided by helpers, and small-group exercises mimicking real-life collaborative software projects. At the workshop, they will be joined by colleagues from University of Bradford and Earlham Institute who are looking to deliver the original course for ELIXIR-UK and ELIXIR audiences.

Find out more about the course.

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