Our communities of practice


  • UK Training Club

    Welcoming all life sciences trainers, this club meets every month to discuss and develop skills to create and deliver impactful training.
  • UK RDM Club

    Welcoming all life sciences data stewards, support staff and researchers interested in RDM, this club meets every month to discuss activities that help researchers manage their data.
  • UK Human Data Community

    A UK community aligning ELIXIR Europe activities across the ELIXIR Human Data Community networks
  • Fellowship

    We run a Fellowship programme of ambassadors across the UK embedding, delivering and creating ELIXIR-UK training and fostering a network of data stewards.


Activities within the wider ELIXIR Europe help coordinate the work of all its members and bring together experts across Europe, in or outside ELIXIR, to develop standards, services and training within specific life science domains. The UK Node co-leads several Communities, Platforms and ELIXIR Focus Groups, and our members are actively represented in all.

If you're interested in participating in any of these, contact us.

  • Training Platform

    Helping scientists and developers find the training they need and provide it. ELIXIR-UK plays a crucial role in training in the UK and across ELIXIR.
  • Toxicology Community

    Supporting the integration of standards, tools and resources to support toxicology research projects and risk governance at the national and international levels.
  • Tools Platform

    Helping communities find, register and benchmark software tools that allow researchers to access, analyse and integrate biological data and drive scientific discovery across the life sciences.
  • Systems Biology Community

    Modelling the dynamics of interactions and processes to understand the functionality of interactions between the multiple components of living systems. 
  • Single-Cell Omics Community

    Identifying the main challenges in single-cell and spatial omics research and coordinating international efforts.
  • UK leadership

    RDM Community

    Coordinating best practices and overview of ELIXIR resources in RDM in close collaboration with all other Communities and Platforms.
  • RDA Activities Focus Group

    Acting as an advisory group to ELIXIR missions in the scope of Research Data Alliance involvement.
  • Rare Diseases Community

    Creating a federated infrastructure to discover, access and analyse different rare disease repositories across Europe.
  • Proteomics Community

    Developing and maintaining sustainable proteomics tools and data resources, and making the resources FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.
  • UK leadership

    Professionalising Careers in Research Infrastructures Focus Group

    Professionalising and supporting career paths in research infrastructures with a commitment to contribute to ELIXIR’s diversity and inclusion.
  • Plant Sciences Community

    Facilitating genotype-phenotype analysis for crop and tree species.
  • Pathogen Data Focus Group

    Establishing the basis for a distributed and interoperable network of regional and national pathogen data hubs.
  • Microbiome Community

    Promoting standards for microbiome-derived sequence analysis and multi-omics integration, understanding the gaps in training, methods and reference databases, and efficiently scaling bioinformatics infrastructures and resources for microbiome research across all […]
  • UK leadership

    Microbial Biotechnology Community

    Helping develop tailor-made microbes and biological systems.
  • Metabolomics Community

    Providing the resources, analysis tools and infrastructure to help metabolite identification.
  • Machine Learning Focus Group

    Establishing standards for ML, promoting reproducibility, facilitating benchmarking of ML tools, providing training resources, and integrating efforts across ELIXIR.
  • UK leadership

    Learning Paths Focus Group

    The primary objective of this Focus Group is to foster the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the aim of identifying needs, devising solutions, and advocating the widespread adoption […]
  • Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Community

    Developing standards, tools and resources to help identify and characterise IDPs.
  • UK leadership

    Interoperability Platform

    Develops and encourages the adoption of standards to describe life science data.
  • Innovation & Industry Focus Group

    Internal group to learn about the engagement of external stakeholders and exchange experiences on local industry and innovation programmes.
  • Impact Focus Group

    Empowering ELIXIR members to evaluate and communicate their performance and impact supports their long-term sustainability.
  • UK leadership

    Human Copy Number Variation Community

    Facilitating detection, annotation and interpretation of human copy number variations.
  • Health Data Focus Group

    Incubating ideas relating to health data activities in ELIXIR.
  • UK leadership

    Galaxy Community

    Facilitating data import into Galaxy instances, helping develop and share Galaxy tools and workflows and increasing the provision of Galaxy training.
  • Food and Nutrition Community

    Exploring the effect of food choices on human health.
  • Federated Human Data Community

    Developing long-term strategies for managing and accessing sensitive human data.
  • UK leadership

    FAIR Training Focus Group

    Implementing FAIR principles in training.
  • UK leadership

    EOSC Focus Group

    Connecting ELIXIR’s EOSC-related activities.
  • Environmental Impact Focus Group

    Exploring ways to assess and minimise ELIXIR’s environmental impact, and data handling in general, and raising awareness.
  • Data Platform

    Identifying critical data resources across Europe and supporting the linkages between data and literature.
  • Compute Platform

    Developing services to make it easier to store, share and analyse large datasets.
  • UK leadership

    Cancer Data Focus Group

    Identify the common bioinformatic needs between ELIXIR Nodes and the European research area.
  • Biodiversity Community

    Developing networks and working on a longer-term biodiversity strategy.
  • UK leadership

    Biocuration Focus Group

    Supporting the ELIXIR Scientific Programme and widening the applicability of ELIXIR activities to data resource developers/operators across members.
  • UK leadership

    3D BioInfo Community

    Helping understand the structure of macromolecules like proteins and DNA. Christine Orengo (UCL) is one of the leads of this Community.