ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellowship

Fellows of the Data Steward Fellowship Programme of ELIXIR-UK DaSH

A Fellowship of Data Steward Ambassadors at the core of a bigger project

The ELIXIR-DaSH Fellowship, also known as the FAIR Data Stewards Training Fellowship, is part of a broader project with the ambitious goal of supporting the life sciences UK workforce in research data management and professionalising the role of Data Stewards.

This Fellowship of Data Steward Ambassadors lies at the project’s core and drives the main goals and achievements.

What do the Fellows work on?

All training activities align with a mission to embed research data management know-how into UK universities and institutes. 

Creating bites of content

Fellows will produce around 5-10 short videos (3-5 minutes each) on aspects of research data management within their fields of expertise.  These videos focus on relating  basic concepts or signposting larger pieces of work for a UK research audience

Developing training courses

Developing content for face-to-face and online courses.  Working solo or in collaboration with other Fellows and trainers.

Delivering training locally

Organising training within your institution or community using material developed in the Fellowship.

Building a local community of practice

Build a team of Data Stewards within your institution/community, and join activities in the ELIXIR-UK data management and training working groups.

Enhancing training skills and competencies

Benefit from ELIXIR training courses, including Train-the-Trainer, and develop coaching relationships with other Fellows and trainers.

Contributing to international projects

Contribute to RDM best practice and know-how in international resources: FAIR Cookbook, RDMkit

The small print

Each Fellow will receive a £3,000 honorarium (subject to tax) to support activities focused on writing
and delivering training in the arena of data management to the life science workforce. The payments will be sent in instalments as Fellows finish their agreed tasks.

Therefore, Fellows will receive this payment as individuals instead of as staff members of an organisation. Therefore, the whole amount of the honorarium will be solely given to each Fellow. Tax calculations and the needed paperwork will be handled by the University of Bradford so that Fellows can focus on what they are best at.


University of York
Research Fellow
University of Warwick
Associate Professor
University of Southampton
Research Data Manager
University of Edinburgh
Senior Research Fellow
Oxford Brookes University
PhD Candidate
University of Bradford
Research Associate
The Alan Turing Institute
Health Data Scientist/Engineer
University of Manchester
Research Fellow
University of York