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ELIXIR Communities and Focus Groups

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Becoming a Member organisation

Find out if you already work at a member organisation. You can join a community or focus group without working at a member organisation, but you will not be able to apply for funding or submit your service to us.

Find out more about the benefits of membership and how you can start the process of joining us if your institution is not yet a member of ELIXIR-UK.


Our Data Stewardship Training project has opportunities for those working in data management and training, including a fellowship programme. 

Below are some experiences from current active members:

Dr Robert Andrews

Cardiff University and ELIXIR-UK Data Management lead

Robert first got involved with ELIXIR-UK as a co-PI of the LIPID MAPS database and tools gateway, which joined the node’s collection of Data and Tools services in 2019.

“LIPID MAPS contributes to the ELIXIR metabolomics community and my own interests in Research Data Management have positioned me to lead the node’s Data Management Working group and Data Expert network. 

ELIXIR-UK has enabled us to apply for funds to curate lipid structures and pathways in partnership with other ELIXIR data resources in mainland Europe.  Additionally, I have been able to co-Lead our recent successful UKRI bid to develop training in FAIR Research Data Management.”

Professor Michael Sternberg

Imperial College London

Michael leads the ELIXIR-UK service Phyre2:

“An ELIXIR Implementational Study stimulated our development of a real-time link to use the Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) REST server to map variants input by the user in a genomic coordinate system onto the proteins structures we display in our PhyreRisk database.”

If you have any questions about ELIXIR-UK or want to get involved, please send us an email to We always welcome new members and would be keen to help you get involved.