ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellows attend the Bioinformatics Education Summit

The Bioinformatics Education Summit is created and hosted by Wellcome Connecting Science, based at the Wellcome Genome Campus in the UK.

The goal of this working meeting was to promote the advancement of training and education by developing best practices, resources and guidance for delivery.  Over the multi-day meeting, topics such as developing competencies, Train-the-Trainer, Communities of Practice, FAIRify-ing training materials, improving the green training credentials, and the practicalities of rolling out training programmes were covered.

Between 15th – 17th May, 5 of our DaSH Fellows attended the Summit, and here are some benefits they reported back:

I found particularly useful the discussion about personas and competencies, especially the competency mapping template.”

I have improved my knowledge of what actually goes into these competency frameworks, and taken on board the parts I feel are important to implement in my institute.”

Dr Vasileios Lenis, Teeside University – 2022 ELIXIR-UK Fellow

It was a very interesting meeting discussing the role of all people with data/bioinformatics skills within life sciences. There was a focus on health, but it applied much more broadly. I was particularly interested in how we make bioinformatics more inclusive, and the role of training in the increased professionalisation (horrid word) of bioinformaticians/data stewards/data scientists/data users.

Dr Andrew Mason, University of York – 2021 ELIXIR-UK Fellow

There were plenty of other benefits listed by attendees and we look forward to the next one.

Thank you to the event organisers who allowed us to use the image of attendees from the Summit, and to the Fellows for their feedback.

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