ELIXIR-UK at the ELIXIR All Hands 2023 in Dublin

5-8 June 2023 saw almost 30 delegates from ELIXIR-UK head to Dublin for ELIXIR’s annual All Hands meeting (with more joining sessions remotely). Three of those were Fellows from our ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellowship, and we were joined by three of our HDR UK colleagues.

During the 4-day event, we saw more than 10 posters being presented by ELIXIR-UK folk and an even higher number had ELIXIR-UK Collaborators. More than 10 UK individuals co-led workshops and symposiums, with Co-Head of Node, Carole Goble (Manchester) taking part in four and Susanna Assunta-Sansone (Oxford) taking part in two. Stian Soiland-Reyes (Manchester) was an author of multiple posters, as well as a co-lead of a session, and created a great thread on Twitter to show some UK involvement (and others).

Posters are currently being added by authors to this F1000 ELIXIR Gateway for those who were unable to attend but would like to have a look.

ELIXIR also highlighted the launch of 4 new Communities, with Research Data Management (the newest) having UK leadership.

Over the next week or so we’ll be sharing more in-detail posts about the sessions, alongside feedback from our attendees about what they would consider the highlight of their trip to Dublin for the All Hands.

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