Introducing FAIR Pointers, a course to embed FAIR data into the life sciences

The ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellowship aims to embed Research Data Management (RDM) know-how into UK universities and institutes, the Fellows are creating training and delivering local training as part of this. 

A new training course that has been co-written with ELIXIR-UK members and Fellows is now available; FAIR Pointers is a short, online course that is catered towards those with little or no experience around ‘FAIR data’ and how that can be intertwined into research practice.

This course covers the origins of FAIR, the FAIR Principles and their characteristics. By signposting to other resources, this course will allow for a well-rounded education on the subject. These other resources include RDMkit, FAIRCookbook, RDMbites, FAIRsharing and the Data Stewardship Wizard.

The course is free, and available to be taken at the users’ own pace on their own schedule. There are exercises within sections, which is a great way to ingrain the knowledge learnt into memory throughout.

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