Our ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellows now have Expert Mentors

Last month, our Fellows from the Data Stewardship Fellowship were paired with 11 ELIXIR-UK experts that will mentor them in their specialist areas. This will take the form of mentoring in training best practices and in developing RDM content and activities in their disciplines. You can meet this Cohort’s Fellows here.

The mentorship will run until the end of the Fellowship in September 2023, and Fellows will meet with their mentors regularly.

The aim of this Mentorship Scheme is for the mentors to engage with the Fellows to encourage and hone their experiences. This is why there are two types of mentor, a Training Mentor and a Content Mentor.

A Training Mentor will help with training delivery (format, tone, accessibility, delivery and technical support to work on GTN, Carpentries or similar platforms for example), whereas a Content Mentor will assist with directing and shaping content for their unique areas of expertise (e.g. considering that an audience working with health data is different to an audience working with plant data). 

You can read more about the Fellowship here.

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