‘The ambition of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is to develop a “Web of FAIR Data and services” for science in Europe. EOSC will be a multi-disciplinary environment where researchers can publish, find and re-use data, tools and services, enabling them to better conduct their work.’

The ELIXIR EOSC Focus Group aims to:

  • coordinate ELIXIR members’ participation in the EOSC Association
  • align the ELIXIR Platforms with the EOSC Association Task Forces
  • provide an overview of and identify synergies across ELIXIR participation in EOSC projects 
  • connect the ELIXIR Communities with EOSC
  • act as a contact point for other ESFRI Infrastructures with a shared or aligned approach to EOSC

In the ELIXIR 2019-2023 Scientific Programme, Strategic Objective 4 is ‘ELIXIR is the recognised and trusted life science foundation of the European Open Science Cloud’ and thanks to the work driven by the Group, an ELIXIR EOSC Strategy was published last year detailing ELIXIR Europe’s strategy for engagement with EOSC. UK contribution came from the involvement of Prof. Susanna-Assunta Sansone (University of Oxford), who is a co-chair on behalf of the Interoperability Platform.

ELIXIR is bringing its expertise as well as its proven approach to federated, interoperability-centred technical development as a resource to help form the development of EOSC technical, social and organisational structures. It is also important to critically review any new capability based on its commitment to the principles of Open Science that both EOSC and ELIXIR ensure they comply with. The existing engaged user communities will also be involved, helping to foster re-use, co-development and delivering benefits to life science researchers and societies they serve. Our services in FAIRdata, training and the tools and compute ecosystems will contribute. 

You can find the ELIXIR EOSC Strategy 2022 here.

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