Galaxy now supports exporting structured data like RO-Crate

Galaxy is an open-source FAIR data analysis platform that enables researchers to use tools from various domains, manage data, run code in interactive environments and more. The majority of the available Galaxy servers are free to use, and open to all.

The new 23.0 release of Galaxy is now live, you can see the release highlights and access the full release notes here.

One of the highlights of this release is that Galaxy now offers two options for packaging and publishing workflow artifacts, one is BioCompute Object and the other is RO-Crate.

RO-Crate is a community-led effort to define a lightweight method of aggregating and describing research data with associated metadata. It is based on annotations in JSON-LD and aims to make formal metadata description best practice accessible and practical for use in a wide range of research situations. RO-Crate is co-led by ELIXIR-UK members and this feature was co-developed by Stian Soiland-Reyes (University of Manchester).

With this new release, users can directly export valid RO-Crate archive files to any writeable remote file sources that have been configured (e.g., FTP or Dropbox).

Find more information from the Galaxy project here.

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