Open-access services for the wide research community

ELIXIR-UK offers services to its members, all other ELIXIR members and the wide research community. Our partner institutions provide open access to all ELIXIR-UK services, such as tools and databases.

Some services are completely available, others require further authentication.

ELIXIR-UK services amplify their reach and improve their opportunities for long-term sustainability

ELIXIR-UK services benefit from exposure to a wide range of potential users and collaborators across Europe and globally. Although Node service status does not confer any additional funding, it does indicate the value placed on the service by ELIXIR. Those offering Node services are eligible to apply for Hub funding for implementation studies and can also apply for Node funding for participation in ELIXIR.

The most significant benefit is the raised profile throughout ELIXIR.

Services come from two streams:

  • An annual, open and transparent process to conform to a set of criteria designed to ensure high service quality and match UK priorities as identified by its funders
  • Project commitments made to ELIXIR